Project description

Astrakhan Gas Processing Plant, the largest producer of sulfur gas in Russia, is located on the territory of the Astrakhan gas condensate field. The first train of the plant was put into operation in 1986, and the second one in 1997. In 2002, the plant reached its maximum design capacity of 12 bln m3 of gas per year.

The ongoing revamping and upgrading projects are aimed at increasing the capacity and depth of gas feedstock processing, improving sales products quality and expanding their range.

In the first place, is a technical upgrade and revamping of obsolete process units, development of new design solutions for the future process facilities, buildings, structures, process sections and introduction of new equipment.

The expansion of gas condensate processing facilities will allow to increase the production of marketable products such as gasoline and diesel fuel by about 25%.

The launch of additional sulfur granulation facilities, including state-of-the-art mechanized sulfur loading complexes will allow the company to maintain its leading position in the sulfur sales market.

General View of Astrakhan GPP

Astrakhan gas processing plant
Astrakhan gas processing plant


Feed gas processing capacity:

12 bln cub. m/year (2 trains x 6 bln cub. m/year)
  • Formation gas separation units — 8 trains x 1.5 bln m3/year
  • Formation gas treatment units — 8 trains x 1.5 bln m3/year
  • Formation gas dehydration and stripping units — 4 trains x 1.9 bln m3/year
  • Sulfur recovery units — 8 trains x 0.8 bln m3/year
  • Gas condensate stabilization unit — 2 trains x 1.5 MTA
  • Gas fractionation and liquefied petroleum gas treatment unit with 0.4 MTA capacity
  • Hydrotreatment unit with 2 MTA capacity
  • Catalytic reforming unit with 1 MTA capacity

Plant products:

  • natural gas
  • liquid sulfur (technical grade), lump sulfur, sulfur pellets
  • stabilized condensate
  • unleaded gasoline
  • diesel fuel
  • fuel oil
  • liquefied petroleum gases
  • natural gas liquids
  • gas condensate distillate (various grades)
Astrakhan gas processing plant


Proekt Design Documentation (PD) development:

  • Revamping of Astrakhan GPP for Ethane Fraction Recovery
  • Revamping of Astrakhan GPP process units
  • Extension of sulphur granulation capacity, including state-of-the-art mechanized sulphur loading complexes
  • Revamping of first priority process facilities of Astrakhan GPP
  • Technical upgrade of Astrakhan GPP facilities with installation of continuous automatic emission monitoring system