Project Description

Gazprom neftekhim Salavat LLC is one of the leading petrochemical complexes in Russia. Founded in 1948, the facility provides a full cycle of hydrocarbon feedstock processing, and produces over 150 types of various products, such as automotive gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, viscous bitumen, feedstock for road asphalt, sulfur, LDPE, HDPE-S, ethylene, styrene, PSM-E, butyl alcohols, urea, ammonia.

The Company is among the leaders in domestic production of a number of products, in particular butyl alcohols and plasticizers, styrene and styrene copolymers, mineral fertilizers.

Keeping up with the stringent requirements to automotive fuels on the content of sulfur, benzene, aromatic and olefinic hydrocarbons, Gazprom neftekhim Salavat LLC is accelerating the upgrading of its facilities in order to improve gasoline and diesel fuel quality, while closely monitoring all fluctuations in the market of petroleum products.

Gazprom neftekhim Salavat LLC comprises three plants: Refinery, Monomer Plant and Gas Chemical Plant.

Monomer Petrochemical Plant
Gas Chemical Plant
Scope of work

General View of the Petrochemical Complex


The refinery processes sour crude oil blends (with sulfur content up to 3% wt.), as well as gas condensates with sulfur content up to 1.7% wt. It is the main link in the production chain of Gazprom neftekhim Salavat LLC. The main goals of the ongoing large-scale investment programs are the construction of new and upgrading of existing production facilities on the basis of state-of-the-art and environmentally safe process technologies. All new production facilities meet the high safety and environmental requirements.



Refinery capacity:

6 MTA (crude oil refining)
4 MTA (gas condensate processing)
  • PHF isomerization unit with 434 KTA capacity as per feedstock
  • PSA unit with 42 thous m3/hour capacity as per feedstock
  • Gasoline catalytic reforming unit with 365 KTA capacity as per feedstock
  • Hydrogen plant with 25 thous m3/hour capacity
  • CDU/VDU-6 with 6.0 MTA capacity
  • Oil bitumen plant with 300 KTA capacity
  • Catalytic cracking complex with 1.1 MTA capacity
  • Light hydrocarbon processing, flare gas treatment and disposal unit with capacity up to 276 t/hour
  • Gasoline selective HDT unit with 720 KTA capacity
  • Oil distillate hydrosweetening complex
    • HDT-2 unit with 2.03 MTA capacity as per feedstock
    • HDT-3 unit with 1.2 MTA capacity as per feedstock
  • VGO and kerosene-gas oil catalytic cracking unit with 0.67 MTA capacity as per feedstock
  • Oil distillate hydrosweetening unit with 2.1 MTA capacity as per feedstock
  • Unit for Orenburg condensate HDT and high octane gasoline production based on catalytic reforming process with 1.0 MTA capacity as per feedstock
  • Crude atmospheric distillation and gas condensate processing complex with 4.0 MTA capacity as per feedstock
  • Technical grade sulfur recovery unit with 56.2 KTA capacity as per finished product

Commercial products:

  • unleaded gasolines
  • automotive fuels (Euro grade)
  • fuel oils
  • bitumen feedstock
  • gas condensate distillates
  • isopentane-pentane fraction
  • petroleum solvent
  • petroleum toluene
  • VGO
  • high viscosity road asphalts
  • lump sulfur technical grade and liquid sulfur
  • sulfur gas technical grade
  • domestic heating oil
  • IBP 62оС fraction
  • hydrotreated kerosene
  • AVT oil fuel
  • NGL
  • isomerate
  • isopentane fraction
  • heavy gasoil
  • tar
  • bitumen feedstock
  • technical grade butane, butane fraction
  • butane-butylene fraction
  • propane-propylene fraction


Monomer Petrochemical Plant is a complex comprising ethylene and propylene, plastics as well as alcohols and plasticizers production facilities. The active development and modernization of processes during the last two decades made it possible for each of these facilities to reach the highest modern level of their product quality, making them fully competitive in the Russian and global markets. One of the world’s best polyethylene process technologies enables the production of several dozens of grades of this widely used product.

Monomer Plant


Monomer Plant production facilities:

  • HDPE unit with 120 KTA capacity
  • LDPE unit with 45.7 KTA capacity
  • C8 alcohol unit with 34 KTA capacity
  • Ether processing unit with 45 KTA capacity
  • Styrene unit with 200 KTA capacity
  • Ethyl benzene unit with 230 KTA capacity
  • Impact resistant polystyrene unit with 36 KTA capacity
  • PE extrusion and goods production unit
    • consumer goods, 310 t/year
    • film, 210 kg/h
    • PE sheet, 60 t/months
  • Phthalic anhydride unit with 16.3 KTA capacity
  • Plasticizer unit with 33 KTA capacity
  • Syngas unit with 140 KTA capacity
  • Technical grade hydrogen unit with 21.9 KTA capacity
  • Butyl alcohol unit (butyl alcohol and 2-ethylhexanol) with 183.8 KTA
  • Ethylene plant based on cracking of hydrocarbon feedstock with 355 KTA
  • Propylene plant based on cracking of hydrocarbon feedstock with 144 KTA
  • Benzene unit with 152.3 KTA capacity

Commercial products:

  • HDPE
  • HDPE-S
  • by-product of HDPE-S production
  • HDPE-S wax
  • low-molecular-weight polyethylene
  • recycled polyethylene
  • general purpose polystyrene (GPPS)
  • ethylene
  • propylene
  • butylene-butadiene fraction (BBF)
  • butylene-divinyl fraction (BDF)
  • pentane-isoprene cyclopentadiene fraction
  • propylene fraction
  • heavy pyrolysis oil
  • liquid pyrolysis products
  • liquid pyrolysis products from 35-230°С and 35-270°С fractions
  • styrene
  • bottom residue of styrene distillation, petroleum benzene
  • high-purity petrochemical benzene
  • bottom residue of benzene distillation
  • ethylbenzene
  • diethylbenzene technical grade
  • butyl alcohol normal
  • butyl alcohol technical grade
  • DOP plasticizer
  • solvents (light fraction from butyl alcohol production and heavy product of 2-ethyl hexanol distillation)
  • 2-ethyl hexanol technical grade, bottom residue of phthalic anhydride production
  • solvent (bottom product of butyl alcohol distillation)
  • hydrogen technical grade
  • polyethylene consumer goods


Gas and Chemical Plant products are exported to Europe and Asia and were repeatedly awarded high prizes confirming their excellent quality and high reputation of the enterprise. In 2012, a new urea granulation unit was commissioned. This made it possible to produce a higher quality urea, increased the safety of equipment operation and reduced emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. In addition, new energy-saving technologies were introduced.

Gas and Chemical Plant


Gas and Chemical Plant process facilities:

  • Granular and prilled urea complex with 402 KTA capacity
  • Prilled urea complex with 300 KTA capacity
  • Natural gas to ammonia complex with 450 KTA capacity

Commercial products:

  • urea
  • aqua ammonia technical grade
  • liquid anhydrous ammonia
  • urea production by-product
  • oxygen gas technical and medical grade
  • nitrogen gas and liquid nitrogen
Hydrogen production plant


Proekt Design Documentation (PD) development:

  • Superabsorbent polymer production with 45 KTA capacity
  • Construction of light oil tank car loading unit for site “В” of Gazprom neftekhim Salavat Refinery commodity and raw materials shop
  • Ammonia unit (AM-76). Technical upgrade. Installation of unit for hydrogen extraction from purge gas
  • Revamping of pre-hydrotreatment section of unit for Orenburg condensate HDT and high-octane gasoline production based on catalytic reforming
  • AVT tank farm of shop No. 3
  • Construction and revamping of gasoline and diesel fuel tank farms
  • HDT unit (GO-4). Construction of new furnace (P-2)
  • HDT unit (GO-4). Revamping. Technical upgrade
  • HDT unit (GO-4). Technical upgrade
  • Supply of Catalytic Cracking Complex with hydrotreated feedstock from hydrocracking unit
  • Technical upgrade. Retrofitting of fire water pump house of Visbreaking unit
  • Basic Design Package for revamping of section for extraction of hydrogen and ammonia from purge and tank gases of ammonia unit AM-76
  • Elemental sulfur unit Technical upgrade
  • Design of petroleum product quantity and quality parameter measurement system
  • Construction of hydrogen plant
Investment feasibility study:
  • Natural gas processing complex for ethylene and propylene production with olefin polymerisation
  • Technical and economic study — Revamping of propylene recovery unit at EP-340 plant for additional processing of propane-propylene fraction (PPF) from Catalytic Cracking Complex
  • Construction of superabsorbent polymers (SAP) production.